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Informazioni sul settore

Keeping a small animal as a pet


Getting to know your small pet animals well -

Totoro is a mammalian rodent porcupine, Asiatic tussock, the earliest origin is Indian, famous Spain, Spain nobles like to wear chinchillas fur products to highlight the status and interpretation, is an identity Symbol. Chinchilla's hair is bright and beautiful, rich and dense, bright and smooth, like a velvet, as if it is covered with a layer of veil, it looks honour and luxury, and warm and cold, is one of the best fur in the world. In terms of its weight, the value can be equivalent to gold, so it is also known as “Gold Rat”. Therefore, in the early 18th century, the Totoro was madly killed by the Spaniards and was on the verge of extinction. In the end, Chapman, the American mining and metallurgy engineer who was hailed as the “Father of Ratkins”, after years of collecting and raising, gradually caused people's love and sensation and formed an upsurge of keeping Chinchilla. Family pets.

The character of the chinchillas is lively and lovely, likes to jump, has curiosity, and has a sense of smell and a sense of hearing. A little movement can't escape its ears. Totoro also likes to be clean and doesn't like wetness, so owners of chinchillas must pay attention to the fact that terracotta terrariums must be kept clean and dry, and timely disinfection and cleaning, especially the chinchillas's feces and urine. Clean up regularly, otherwise it will cause tortoise disease.

Most breeders choose to keep the chinchillas indoors for close contact with the chinchillas, so that the chinchillas can easily reach the tacit understanding and closeness with their owners, and they will “choose” one person’s closestness and reliance among caring for their own masters. When it trusts you, it will be happy to play with you, lively and active like a child, like to jump around. However, the biggest problem facing indoor breeding is the odor emitted by chincats' urine and feces. It is very unpleasant to the whole family, and the disposal of excrement is also troublesome. Therefore, it is recommended that the brooder raise the dragons with a treacherous fermenter. Cat.

Benefits of Fermenting Bed Totoro

1. The terrarium is clean and environmentally friendly. After the adoption of the fermentation bred chinchillas technology, the organic litter in the fermentation bed contains many functional and beneficial microorganisms, which can quickly and effectively degrade and digest the urine fecal urine excretions, converting part of it into steam and CO2, and converting the other part into For the crude protein, bacterial protein and vitamins and other nutrients as well as a variety of beneficial substances to achieve complete degradation of excreta, do not need to clean the terrarium every day, and really achieve the purpose of zero-emitting chinchillas.
2. Insulation effect is good. The suitable temperature for chinchillas is 2 to 30 degrees. Below 0 degrees, it will affect the healthy growth of chinchillas, and it will easily cause colds and other diseases. Above 30 degrees will cause the occurrence of chinchillas heatstroke, so it is very important for chinchillas to keep warm. . The calories produced by the fermentation process of the goldfish fermentation bed, regardless of the surface temperature of winter and summer are maintained at 20 degrees, is very suitable for the growth of chinchillas.
3. Improve disease resistance. The fermented mattress material eliminates odor substances in the excreta through physical adsorption, chemical neutralization, and biochemical action of the fermentation process. The chinchillas live in a large amount of beneficial bacteria environment for a long time, and the environment inside the terrarium is refreshing, and the animals are obviously improved. The disease resistance, rarely illness, grow healthy.
4. Save on feed. Totoro is a vegetarian animal and likes to eat hay, cereals and green fodder, including herbs, vegetables, wild vegetables, mulberry leaves, loquat leaves and alfalfa, grains, etc. It can also feed wheat bran, cornmeal, and soybean meal. In addition, the litter of the Kampo Dry Fermentation Bed is made up of sawdust, rice hulls, straw, etc. After the decomposition of functional bacteria, the litter can be eaten by the chinchillas, which can save part of the feed.

Remember to keep a healthy amount of water for your small pet animals by keeping a good drinker around them at all time.


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